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Since the beginning of time, the moon has held the human mind captive. People have worshipped it as an important deity throughout history, thinking it to have genuine ability to impact their lives and health. These civilisations were ahead of their time.

The Moon represents your fears and illusions and often comes out when you are projecting fear into your present and your future, based on your past experiences. Find out how taming and embracing your fears can unlock your ultimate freedom below.


What is My Moon Reading

Have you always been the type of person to know you’re destined for greatness but struggle to know what in? Do you feel like whatever endeavour you take in life it leads to the same result of failure?

The moon has been a constant beacon for mankind for Centuries and the closest celestial body to Earth.

Here at My Moon Readings, we use 3D model of the solar system on the day you were conceived, and calculate the positioning of all bodies, relative to you.

We take this information and consolidate it with our exhaustive library of celestial data to make a customized Moon Reading, absolutely unique to you.


Select your Customised plans to achieve the best you TODAY!

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Our Process

Once we give you the customised reading, our online coaches help you decipher its meaning so you can start to apply its teachings to your life.

The benefits are endless yet so specifc to you.

  • Find out how to realign with your true purpose
  • Boost your confidence because you’re doing what you were born to do
  • See life changing events happening before your eyes, all calculated and done in real time
  • Increase attention span in a time where our attention span is suffering

Then look no further and book a consulatation today with our experts.

Your immediate results will help you begin work on your weaknesses and amplify your strenghts that you’ve discovered throughout the years.


The most thought provoking yet critically backed claims below! 

  • Did you know that the moon can actually effect your mental health aswell as a womans menstrual cycle?
  • Did you know the moon can affect your quality of sleep and your productivity?
  • Did you know the different moon cycles play a pivotal role In the crypto market? 

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“I had no idea the moons different cycles could affect my mood and health. After consulting with the readers here at My moon readings, i was able to align myself with a six figure job in the tech industry, which i had no idea about before and now work doesn’t feel like work.”

Janet Renolds

“The guys here really opened my eyes to the endless opportunities the world has to offer, once your find your purpose and the final hidden bits ive been searching for. Their linkage of the moon cycles and the crypto markets seriously elivated my trading to heights ive never seen. i totally recommend their services  .”

Alex Green