Crypto Moon Picks With Very High ROI

Get our insanely high ROI crypto picks which is influenced by the trajectory of the moon. [Proof below]  

The influence of the moon and crypto cycles

Did you know that the moon actually affects everything in this day and age? The moon is usually associated with the shifts in ocean tides, but it also affects human behaviour, which guess what…also affects the markets.  The markets are heavily influenced by the moon, and this is because the moon causes human behaviour to change. 

What our Moon Cycle service achieves

Using high technology to detect moon cycles on a monthly basis, we can see whether graphs are going in an upwards/downwards trend, and this leads to us being 85% accurate with results. 

2,000+ Satisfied Customers

“This is by far the most consistent trade service I’ve bought. Most trades rely on bots which are highly unreliable but the fact that the moon cycle is based on scientific knowledge and psychological reasoning makes this very powerful. I only trade twice a month now but the results speak volumes”

Christina Renolds

Trading Analyst

“Hands down the best trading signals package I’ve bought. I use the Dark Moon package and I’ve made over $12,000+ in a single trade using their crypto picks. 10/10 service”

Lee Simmon

Reddit Crypto Enthusiast

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I recieve these crypto Moon picks?

Once payment has been confirmed, you will be added to a Telegram group hosted by our professional moon cycle trader, who will send you trade set ups straight to your devices

How do I know this is not another scam signal service?

Here at Crypto Moon Picks, we value transparency and quality rather than quantity. This means our traders will show you their live balance aswell as their live buy and sells in accordance to our tailored strategy. Every trade sent out is taken live with the community and documented, so that our members can go back and see how and why we took such trades.

Why only 2-3 Trades a month and not one everyday?

Our strategy is heavily impacted by the movement of the moon. Techincal analysis comes second.  We cannot send out a trade everyday simply because we wait for the moon to give us our directional bias. Rather, we send the most quality trades in line with the natural movement of the moon, so that our risk to reward stays high.

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